Epigenetic Cooperation Norrland

2017 March   The paper from Yeung et al. uncovers that the transcriptional co-repressor Atrophin controls developmental signaling pathways via interactions with Trithorax-like. Read more​

2017 January  The paper by Schwartz and Cavalli reviews 3D genome organization and function in Drosophila. Find out more

2016 December  Schwartz and Stenberg groups publish a ground breaking paper on interdependence of PRC1 and PRC2 for recruitment to Polycomb Response Elements. Read more

2016 February   The paper from Savitsky and co-authors uncovers distinct roles of chromatin insulator proteins in regulation of the Drosophila bithorax complex. Read more

2015 November   Philip et al. discovers that the transcriptional co-activator CBP binds outside of promoters and enhancers in Drosophila melanogaster and likely is involved in regulating several processes like insulator activity. Read more

2015 May    The collaboration between the Schwartz group and the group of Vincenzo Pirrotta at Rutgers University (USA) discovers that genome-wide activities of Polycomb complexes control pervasive transcription. Find out more!  

2015 March       The paper by Faucillion and Larsson showing that differential mRNA stability and translation rates of the autosomes and sex chromosomes contribute to an evolutionarily conserved dosage compensation mechanism in mammals is now published in Genome Biology and Evolution.Read more

2015 February   The paper by Lindehell et al. describing how the proximity ligation assay can be used on polytene chromosomes and how components in the MSL-complex interact is now published in Chromosoma.Read more

2014 December The paper by Figueiredo et al. showing how non-coding RNAs prevent the binding of the dosage-compensation complex to heterochromatic regions is now published in PLoS Genetics.Read more

2014 October     The EpiCoN application to Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation “Dynamics of the epigenetics memory” is awarded 5-year funding! Read morehere andhere.

2014 August       A comparative analysis of metazoan chromatin organization by modENCODE and ENCODE consortia with a contribution of Schwartz group is now published in Nature.Read more

2014 July           A paper by Kahn et al. demonstrating the role of combinatorial interactions in the recruitment of Pho Repressive Complex to Polycomb Response Elements is published in PLOS Genetics. Read more. A perspective regarding a new role of H2A ubiquitylation in Polycomb recruitment co-authored by Schwartz and Pirrotta is now published in Cell Reports.Read more

2014 June          Collaboration between EpiCoN and the Department of Computing Science produces the first version of Genomizer, a software tool to analyze large-scale epigenomic data.Read more

2014 April          A paper by Johansson and Larsson showing extended data on the genome-wide targeting of Painting of fourth is now published in Genomics Data. Read more

2014 April          The paper by Lundberg et al. showing the targeting of Painting of fourth to roX1 and roX2 proximal sites and providing novel links between dosage compensation and heterochromatin is now published in G3.Read more

2014 March       EpiCoN receives generous support from Kempestiftelserna to hire 4 postdoctoral researchers.

2014 January    The EpiCoN application to Knut and Alice Wallenberg  Foundation “Dynamics
of the epigenetics memory” is selected and endorsed by Umeå University.

2013 December  The review article "A new world of Polycombs: unexpected partnerships and emerging functions" co-authored by Schwartz and Pirrotta is published in Nature Reviews Genetics. Read more

2013 October     The paper by Philip and Stenberg showing that the male X-linked genes in Drosophila are compensated independently of the MSL-complex is published in Epigenetics & Chromatin. Read more

2013 July           A review article by Stenberg and Saura on the different modes of meiosis and its deviations encountered in polyploid animals is published in Cytogenetic and Genome Research. Read more

2013 June         EpiCoN is initiated!