The EpiCoN consortium is uniquely positioned to succeed in promoting internationally competitive epigenetics research in Umeå and the public awareness of epigenetics in Northern Sweden. EpiCoN is a systematically built, successful and highly interactive collaboration housed at the same location within Umeå University. 

Each of the current EpiCoN groups possesses unique and complementary expertise and has a long term commitment to epigenetic research. Thus, Prof. Jan Larsson (Särskild forskare in Epigenetics, VR) has described and studies the first autosomal chromosome-wide epigenetic system and is in the frontline in technical development of genome-wide epigenetic techniques. Dr. Per Stenberg is part of CLiC (bioinformatics platform, UmU) steering group and initiator of UmU Genomics Core. He has developed multiple analytic techniques to realize the full potential of genome-wide data. Dr. Yuri Schwartz is an expert in Polycomb mediated repression and has been recently recruited as a PI to strengthen the epigenetic research at UmU. He has produced one of the best high-resolution genome-wide maps of Polycomb regulation and was a key contributor to the modENCODE project. Schwartz group is a member of EpiGeneSys, the EU funded Epigenetic Network of Excellence, currently the only Swedish group accepted as a full member of the network.


Epigenetic Cooperation Norrland